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Heres the link to the photographer that actually took this photo and heres the link to the photo itself.

You cant take the 2 seconds to properly credit a photographer with a link to their work, but you can take the time to manipulate (in this case cropping the image) without consent of the author and then distribute that work passing it off as your own with a link to your own blog rather than the photographer (copyright infringement)?

People like this annoy the hell out of me. You take the 3 minutes to make your font tiny with the stupid gray background, but you cant take the 2 seconds it takes to create a link attributing your sources to the photographer who likely dedicated hours of their time to produce this single photograph that you shamelessly butchered with your editing. Nice.


This blog has never sourced EVER. I don’t understand why this blog was featured in the animal tag but it’s really annoying.

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